Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Book Review: Heal Me: Club Surrender book 1 by A.C. Nixon


Book Description

Ryann All I wanted to do was get out of Chicago and away from my abusive ex, but one Versace clad assassin (and inspiration for my battery powered fantasies) had other ideas. One glance at Dorian Zuba, and I knew he was dangerous in a way that left a trail of mangled hearts and sated women, but it was too late. I was hooked, and there was no turning back. Had I known falling for this man could lead to my kidnapping and my inevitable undoing, I might not’ve let myself get so close to Dorian. But even I knew that was a lie. Dorian My job was simple: Find the person responsible for drugging women at Club Surrender and get rid of them. What I wasn’t counting on was her. Ryann wasn’t just sexy as hell, she challenged me in ways I didn’t believe were still possible. But caring for her meant she was a target. The people I was hunting would do anything to stop me, even if that meant hurting Ryann. How could I put the woman I cared for in danger? But more importantly, how could I let her go?

My Review

Ryann got away from her ex because the man was abusive, she's got a job as a waitress and Dorian comes in each week. Ryann isn't sure if he's coming there for her or because he likes the food but she's pretty sure he can afford better food so she's happy to see him each week even though she's pretty sure he's a mobster. Just got out of an abusive relationship but flirt with a mobster. Sure, why not.

When Dorian gets shot and Ryann saves him, they are now both in danger from whoever is trying to get rid of Dorian and Ryann spends some time with him at his place but it's against her will. He's trying to spend time with her but he's also trying to find out who's killing women from his club.

I didn't like Dorian at all, the way he thinks of her as nothing more than a piece of meat throughout the book was gross. Thinking about all the things he wants to do to her even though they don't know each other very well. He pretty much takes what he wants even though she's into him but it wasn't endearing at all. He's not a nice guy and it shows. After a couple of days she's starting to fall for him (falling for another jerk like her ex) and when he shows her a little more of the real him and tells her that she gets to choose whether or not he does something illegal, but is it really her choice when she decides not to tell him to do the illegal thing and he calls it quits with her because of it? Like I said, he's a jerk. 

She forgives him too easily. She should have taken her things and disappeared because this guy is controlling and bad news. This story was kinda all over the place and it ends with some questions not answered. Like, where is her ex now, what happened to him?

I give this book 1 out of 5 stars.