Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: No Ifs, Ands, or Bear's About It by Celia Kyle

Book description

The first day of Mia’s new life in Grayslake, Georgia is not going as planned.

The house her grandfather left her looks ready to crumble, boxes cover every inch of the floor and—oh—there’s a bear cub in her pantry. It gets worse when the cub’s uncle comes by and busts out his fur and claws while on her front porch. Then it gets loads better because suddenly there’s a hot hunk of badge-wearing werebear on her lawn ready to rescue her. Yum. Of course, he has to ruin things by trying to take the cub out of her hands. Ha! The cub is hers… No ifs, ands, or bears about it.

Werebear Ty can’t seem to get the curvaceous, delectable Mia to understand that, even if she is one-quarter werebear, she isn’t keeping the cub. Ty is the Grayslake Itan, the clan’s leader, and the little werebear is going home with him… Unless it isn’t. It’s her smile. If she’d stop smiling and being gorgeous, his inner-bear would support him and Ty would get his way. But the beast wants to make their woman happy, so it’s perfectly content to let her do as she pleases. Then things change. Threats arise, danger comes close, and Ty demands she return to his den. No ifs, ands, or mates about that.

My review

This is the first book in the Grayslake series and I loved it. It's starts right off with Mia finding a bear cub in her pantry. Next thing she knows there's a drunk, angry shifter at her door demanding she give him the cub. But Mia knows that the cub is scared of this guy and right before things get really bad the police show up and cart this crazy guy off. Mia is part werebear and after looking after the cub for a little while she plans on keeping the cub but Ty, the clan leader isn't about to let her keep the cub. He thinks it'll just be that easy, he'll say no and she'll just do what he says but things are never that easy. 

Mia inherited her grandfather's home when he passed away, she knew about shifters since she is part werebear even if she wasn't able to shift. So she knows that there are shifters where she now lives but that doesn't make things easier for her when Ty wants her and the cub to come back to his home. 

I really liked Ty's brothers and some of the other werebears. Because Ty is the clan leader he's expected to mate with another werebear who can give him cubs that can shift. But because Mia is only part werebear and can't shift, it brings up problems for their relationship even if he and his bear want her because of what the clan expects from him. 

I really liked their romance, their relationship and the drunk uncle's story line as it unfolds. I really liked that Mia was so taken with the adorable werebear cub and fought so hard to keep him safe. It was also fun to see how werebear hierarchy and politics in the group worked. I really like the world that this author has built and I'm looking forward to reading more of this series. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.