Thursday, March 21, 2019

My First Time Trying Speculoos Cookies

I was watching one of those cooking shows on tv a few months back and someone mentioned Speculoos cookies. They didn't say much except that they taste like a crispy gingerbread cookie. I love gingerbread cookies so I tried to find them. The only place I could find them was on Amazon. So I ordered a pack and they are my new favorite cookie. I'm not even kidding. 

Ken hates them but I don't see how, they have such a warm spiced flavor that is a lot like a gingerbread cookie. I read online that you can get them at Trader Joe's but my local one didn't have them but I did find them on Amazon.  

Have you ever tried Speculoos cookies? If you see them, I'd give them a try because dang, they're really good.