Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Do You Feel About Re-issues

I recently found out, quite by accident actually that a book I had pre ordered and had thought was new * I know silly me* was actually a reissue of 2 books I had already read, but I didn't know that without looking up the info because it has a cool *insert sarcasm here* new cover and title.

Now it shouldn't surprise you to find out that I have a real issue with reissued books. Especially when they are done like this and 2 previous released books in the series are going to be put together in a new book and released under a totally different name. I don't care for that at all. I'm not going to name the offending book or author because I actually really like the books and the author. The fact is this was done in a way that just irritated me. Yes, it says that 100 extra pages that weren't in one of the books the first time was added to this book in that story so something was changed...but does that make it right? I don't think it does.

I think reissues * reprint of the original* are alright as long as they are CLEARLY labeled as such. I realize that some authors like to take earlier books and tweak them a little and re-release them because they think they are better. But to tell you the truth, I really don't see any reason to do that and rarely do I find a tweaked re-released book to be as pleasurable a read the second time around.

I liked the original and I read it, I don't really want to read it a second time just because a few minor things have been changed. I would rather read the original. I don't like having to do research on every damn book I go to buy, just to make sure it isn't a re-issue, re-release whatever. I was dumb and didn't look into this book that pissed me off. Good thing I just happened to read on another blog that it is actually 2 books that have already been released with a few extra pages added.

I realize that some authors like to revisit older books they've written in the hopes to target a new audience and make more sales. But if there are enough of the original books still available I don't like to see reissues/rewrites of the original book. What really bothers me is to see the same book years later with a new cover and a new title. It's the same damn book and if I order the book without looking at the description because I like the author and autobuy their books, I tell you I will be clearly peeved when I start reading only to find out that this is actually another book by another name. If an author changes the name it should have to say so on the front cover of the book.

For Example: A HillyBilly Christmas by Author so and so..A Reissue of A Hot Studly Christmas by author so and so.

That way at least I know what I'm paying for without having to research each and every book I'm getting.

I know that books go out of print and then the author makes nothing on those books. But they are usually available in used book stores ect, so people do read them and if they like the ones they find they go seek out the author to read the new books. So does reissuing an older out of print book just because the author isn't making money from it make them seem a little greedy? Will it turn off readers if they buy a book that isn't clearly marked as a reissue? Knowing full well up front that at some point the book will be out of print and they won't be making money from the book after that, should they just move on to the next book and let readers find them by reading the older books?

I think you already know my answers...

I'm actually going on a book buying hiatus right now. I'm just a bit irritated.