Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review: SterlingPro French Press

Product Description

- The Best Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass--Your SterlingPro coffee press will work much longer for you. 
- The unique Double Screens System---No more GROUNDS in your coffee 
- Solid Packing--No broken gifts to your family members and friends.
100% Guaranteed No Grounds coffee From SterlingPro

What is the worst coffee drinking experience? Coffee grounds in mouth! That is why SterlingPro introduces the innovated and unique Double Screens System which is the only one in coffee press market. By adding the second screen, the primary screen will touch the glass wall more tightly and evenly. At the same time, the second screen will filter the tiny grounds which pass through the primary screen. No more grounds in your coffee by using Sterlingpro coffee press. You will love it after using it. Your loved ones will appreciate it and think of you happily every time when they enjoy the coffee from your gifts--SterlingPro coffee press.
2 Pieces BONUS Stainless Steel Screens(Over $25 Value)---FREE!!

My Review

This French Press was very easy to use and I love the double stainless steel screen that makes sure there are no coffee grounds left in my coffee. I've tried other coffee presses and this is the best one so far. The carafe is beautiful and the chrome really makes this coffee press stand out and I like that is has heat resistant glass so I don't have to worry about pouring hot water into this. I made several carafe's full of coffee after getting this French Press and tried three different type's of coffee including a coffee with a smaller ground to it that always leaves ground in my coffee after using my other coffee presses and I didn't find any coffee grounds in my coffee after pouring it into my cup when I used this coffee press, which pleasantly surprised me.

I think this French Press would make an excellent gift for those in your life who love coffee and want something nice to make it in. I boxed up my other two coffee presses and am using this one exclusively now because it works much better than the others that I had.

Ever since seeing these types of French Presses on Star Trek TNG, I've wanted one just like this. The glass and chrome design is so nice looking and it works so well. I can't want to use this during the holidays when I have company come over so I can show it off. And at only $27.95, it's affordable if this is what you've been wanting. If you'd like to buy one for yourself, you can find it here

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.