Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Freelance Writer Mary Kirkland

My name is Mary Kirkland (real name not pen name). I am a freelance writer with 7 years of experience behind me. I have published over 250 articles since I began my writing career. I enjoy writing about small animal care and what to expect after adopting small animals, such as rats, hamsters and gerbils. 

Currently, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband of 23 years and we recently became grandparents when our daughter gave birth to a 9lb son. On a personal note, I have been battling depression and a Thyroid condition called Hypothyroidism as well as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for nearly 20 years and was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder about 10 years ago. 

I have been using my knowledge of the diseases I have to bring awareness to them as well as mental illness in general, in the hopes it will make a difference and help someone who needs the information because mental illness comes with so much stigma attached to it and is not openly talked about in a lot of circles.