Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Some Of Our Other Animals

Back in 2002, I decided I wanted some hamsters and Ken was ok with me adopting 1 or 2 of them. I adopted this little guy we called Smokey because of his coloring. He was a really cute little guy. But he was a little skittish and didn't like to be held at first which is why the top is off of his cage. We just brought the entire cage over to the couch, took the top off and let him climb out when he was comfortable. He got comfortable enough to climb on us and let us hold him after about a week. 

This is Cuddles. I walked into a pet store in the Mall to see about hamster cages and she was in a tiny cage all by herself, running back and forth jumping up and down like she was trying to get my attention. Now I don't usually buy hamsters at Mall Pet stores because they are usually not taken care of, but I felt bad for this little girl and bought her. She was a dwarf hamster. 

About 2 weeks after bringing Cuddles home...we heard squeaking coming from the cage. She had given birth to 5 little babies. * I kept all the babies* This is my daughter trying to wrangle all the babies after they were weaned. 

At the same time we had all the babies, Cuddles and Smokey...our neighbor had a rat who he wanted to give us because he didn't have enough time to devote to her. So we adopted Romi. Here she is wearing a Christmas Hat. lol 

Then one of the kids in the neighborhood asked her mom if they could give their hamster to us because they didn't want to take care of it anymore. Of course I said yes. Here is Buster. He was the biggest hamster we ever had. he was big enough to put the guinea pig harness on and take for a walk...which I did. 

Here I am trying to wrangle all the dwarf hamster babies. One of them climbed up on my shoulder to say hi. Those little hamsters were fast and would climb all over us when we put them on the couch. We had 3 boys and 2 girls so once they were old enough they went into separate cages so we wouldn't have more babies. Cuddles ended up with her own cage because once the babies were weaned she wanted nothing more to do with them and would fight with them. She was much happier in her own cage. 

Hand full of baby dwarf hamsters. 

And here is the shelves Ken make for all the hamster cages. The plastic container on the floor was their play area that we would let them run around in to play when they came out. Romi's cage was on the other side of the room.