Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Microfiber Cleaning Duster

I've been needing some kind of feather duster to dust off my book shelves. I used to use Swiffer Dusters but they are a bit on the expensive side and some of them use Febreze as an added scent to make them smell good and I don't like the scents they use now. 

So I was looking for a new feather type duster to use on my book shelves to keep them dust free. This Microfiber Cleaning Duster is perfect for what I want to use it for. I don't have to use any oily sprays that will ruin my books and it picks up the dust really well. it's big enough to reach in the back of the book shelf to get in those hard to reach places and best of all it's washable! No more wasting money on refills for other dusters. 

I have a dog and two rats so we get a moderate amount of animal hair and dust on flat surfaces. This duster picks up the dog and rat hair really easily and doesn't let it go until I throw it in the washer and wash it. It kept its shape really well after washing, which was one of the big reasons for such a high rating. I don't want to have a new duster fall apart right after the first wash and this one didn't. 

If this sounds good to you and you'd like to purchase one for yourself, you can do so here

I give this Microfiber Cleaning Duster 5 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free or at a deep discount in exchange for an honest review.