Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Book Review: Taken By The Tiger King by Kenzie Skye


Book Description

Raoul is the king of the tigers. He's looking for his mate. Unfortunately, she's not one of the tigresses in his streak, so he takes to the city streets on a hunt for her.

And when he finds her, nothing is going to stop him from taking her…

My Review

Raoul has been looking for his mate but she isn't in his streak so he goes looking for her. She turns out to be a human which doesn't sit well with some of his people. Not that he cares. When he bumps into Mya he knows right away that she his mate and brings her back to his place where he keeps her locked in a room until he has more time to get to know her. 

I didn't care for this story and read about half of it before I realized that I just couldn't read anymore because of how Mya was being treated. I didn't like it and I just wasn't feeling this story so I didn't finish it. I wanted to like it but a book has to keep me engaged and interested for me to keep reading and this one didn't do that. Others might like this one but it wasn't for me. 

This was a DNF (Did Not Finish) for me.