Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A To Z Blogging Challenge: N is For Nightwish

This happens to be one of my favorite songs by this band and I think they made this when their lead singer, Tarja quit the band to do some solo work and they were looking for a new lead singer. Frankly after hearing this song, I didn't think they necessarily needed another lead singer...this song is so awesome.

Yeah, it doesn't hurt that the two singing are flipping hot!

This song is with Tarja back when she was still with the band. She has new songs out now that she is doing a solo career and they sound really good.

And this song is with the new singer Anette.

I like both female singers and I do still listen to Nightwish but it's just not the same as it was when Tarja was with the band. Frankly, my favorite song and the one I listen to the most these days is the first one, the one without either of the ladies.

Have you ever listened to Nightwish?

Which song did you like the best?