Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Review: The Seventh Sister by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Book Description

The Celtic heart is always drawn home...

Down-on-her-luck American artist Maggie Gleason returns to Ireland, hoping to put old hurts behind her. Instead, revisiting the fishing village that enchanted her years before only reopens wounds - until the unexpected appearance of roguish pub owner Conall Flanagan proves that the Ancient Isle is a magical place where anything can happen and true love always stands the test of time.

"Welfonder writes a fabulous mix of magic and romance." ~ Fresh Fiction 

Stand-Alone Read ... HEA ... No Cliffhangers

The Seventh Sister is a short story and originally appeared in the Mammoth Book of Irish Romance.

My Review

Maggie is an artist who visits Ireland and finds herself with Conall at a stone circle called The Seven Sisters. He explains why there are only six stones and they spend some time together but end up parting ways and not speaking to each other again. Years later they are both heading back towards each other without either of them knowing it. They both had plans for their future and had to part ways but they thought about each other so Maggie visits Ireland again and finds Conall and realizes that he's missed her too. 

This was a short, sweet romance. I love a good novella when I am short on time.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.