Sunday, October 14, 2012

What DId We Do Before Blogging?

Back before the computer, *sigh* I know some of you can't even remember back that far because that was before you were born, but for us older folks we can remember what it was like.

If I wanted to talk with someone in another state I had to call them and run up my phone bill or send them a letter, *you remember those things hand written on paper with a pen, right?* and wait a few days for a response. While I lived in West Virginia and my mom lived here in Nevada, it would take 5 days for a letter to get to her, a couple of days for her to write me back and another 5 days to send a response back to me. That's 12 days all together just to get a response to a letter... I don't think kids understand that these days.

Now I can write a blog post and reach thousands of people all over the world each day. I wrote this today because I looked at my stats counter and I just passed 200,000 page views here on my blog and that amazes me because while I don't get a lot of comments, I can see that people are reading what I write everyday. Without that stat counter I would be asking, "Is anyone reading these darn posts?"

Before blogging I hardly interacted with other people, I'm actually very introverted and even as a teenager I didn't have much to say. *I know! What teenager do you know that doesn't talk non-stop all the time?* But online I am either writing blog posts, talking with people on fb, being interviewed for other blogs...which frankly I think is awesome! Or I am leaving comments on other blogs and making friends with people I never would have met otherwise.

I'm a freelance writer and having a blog and an internet presence is considered a marketing tool for many writers. I happen to like that end of things, I can bring my articles to people who may not have seen them or even know that I write them.

So I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who read my blog, even if you don't comment I can see that you come here and read what I have to say as my stat counter gets higher. And to those of you that do comment, thank you so much I really like reading the comments you leave me.