Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Book Review: The Phoenix Dragons by Jadyn Chase


Book Description

Kaley Jameson was a flight attendant on a layover at the Phoenix airport when everything went black. Now three months later she is still there. Hiding out and surviving as best she can . . . But she is not alone. The mysterious dragon shifters have come to town, quickly taking over and picking off the survivors one by one.

One night after being caught by the shifters, a mysterious man comes to Kaley’s rescue. Our stranger's name is Donovan, a very sexy and very brave man who managed to save her from certain death more than once. However, Kaley soon learns a terrible secret about Donovan. Now she will have to decide whether to continue making her way alone . . . Or risk everything to be with him.

My Review

In a post-apocalyptic world Kayley is just trying to survive but she needs water in order to do that. So she tries again to steal some from the dragons that just appeared one day after all the electronics stopped working. But this time she gets caught and if not for Donovan, she probably would have been killed by them. 

Donovan has been watching Kayley and knows that she is pushing her luck trying to steal from the dragons. When she gets caught Donovan knows he has to step in if she has a chance to get away from them so he does. 

Later Donovan goes to where Kayley has been sleeping and convinces her to come out when he shows her he brought food and water for her. When Donovan leaves, he asks her to stay there where she is safe and he promises to bring back more food and water for her which he does. Later they leave for Sedona when Donovan tells her that it's no longer safe there because the Dragons won't stop trying to find them until both of them are dead. 

They find common ground between them as secrets are revealed and they fall for each other. It was an interesting premise and I liked the romance for such a quick read but I would have liked to know more about what happened and how the dragon's got there. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.