Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Book Review: Knights Of Stone: Mason by Lisa Carlisle


Book Description

Kayla, a curious witch, crosses into forbidden gargoyle territory. She’s intrigued by their unconventional rock concerts–and the dark-haired guitarist.

Mason, gargoyle shifter and guitarist for the Knights of Stone, has his eye on the woman in the audience. When she leaves the concert, he follows her into the island’s forest.

But he discovers she's an enemy to his kind and must resist the temptation.

Especially with the threat of the island wolves losing control.

And the full moon is coming...

My Review

Gargoyles, witches and wolf shifters all live on an island away from most human prying eyes. They have a very unsteady truce between their three peoples and they all keep to themselves. Each think that the other are responsible for the deaths of so many of their kind so many years ago and most aren't old enough to remember what actually happened. 

So when Kayla who is a witch, hears music coming from beyond her side of the island she travels to where it is and is excited and scared to see gargoyles playing. Mason is one of those gargoyles and each night be is released from his stone statue, he spots her watching him play music with the other gargoyles. He thinks she is one of the humans that know about the island and come to see them play but she's actually a witch and he's more than a little surprised by that when he finds out. 

They get to know one another and fall hard for each other. But the witches will never condone their relationship and he doesn't think the gargoyles will ever trust her. So when a wolf shifter comes to Kayla and Mason to tell some unsettling news, they have no choice but to enlist the help of all of their separate peoples. 

I loved this romance because Kayla and Mason were so different and didn't know how to react to one another at first. The drama that ensues after their meeting just added to the entirety of this story and made it very entertaining to read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.