Saturday, April 06, 2013

A To Z Blogging Challenge: F Is For Free Samples

These are the freebies I received this week.

This week I received a coupon for a free box of Simply Made Bread Mix. (I went to the store and picked the Country while bread)
A 2 in 1 duo tube of Olay Regenerist for eyes
A bag of sugar cookie mix
A coupon for a free box of General Mills Cereal

I received the free tube of Olay Regenerist from Vocal Point.
The other freebies I found the links to sign up for them at Freebie Shark and Hey It's Free. The links to those sites are below. 

My family is always asking me how I get so many small boxes of free samples in my mail box each week. I tell them the same thing each time they ask. I find websites that give you links to the free samples and I sign up for them or I belong to a site that has you test products at home.

I've shared some of the sites that I like, but I thought this was a great time to do it again.

Great Freebie Sites
Freebie Shark
Hey it's Free
Free Grabber
Target Samples
Walmart Samples

Websites That Let You Sign Up For Free Full Size Products
House Party
Smiley 360

All of these websites are pretty self explanatory. The Freebie sites have links to the different free samples and you just put in your information and hit submit. Target and Walmart both have samples up for grabs at various times and they go fast. I get most of my free samples from checking the freebie websites like, Hey it's Free and Freebie Shark several times a day.

The websites like BzzAgent, House Party and Smiley360 are really great because they usually send you full sized products or coupons for full sized products and all you have to do is qualify and write reviews and tell your friends about the products you get. It's so easy and they send out great products.

If you've been following my Friday Freebie blog posts for the past few months, you know I receive a lot of free products and samples because I started posting pictures of everything. Some of my friends didn't believe me when I told them how many free products I get, so I posted pictures and links to where everyone can sign up for free stuff.

So are you a Freebie Junkie like me?