Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why I may Follow You on Twitter

..and some reasons why I may not.

It's just recently that I've been doing more Tweeting on Twitter. At first when I signed up, I just didn't get it. Probably because I had no followers and had no idea how to get any. So I put out a few tweets and ...nothing.

So I left it alone for months, tweeted nothing and then while entering contest and giveaways I saw there was a "tweet about my giveaway" option and at first I scoffed at it. I was like, I don't even know how to do this and secondly, how to I find the link to post so someone can see that i tweeted about their giveaway. Thankfully, I figured it out and can now Tweet as well as most and have even added a few pictures of my ratty boys using Twitpic.

But lately I've been getting followed by people who are...spammers..or have links in the profiles to porn sites. Spammers are sending me links that thankfully I am not stupid enough to click on. All I don't need is another computer virus. I know how to block and report these people but the numbers keep climbing.

Reasons I don't follow you.
You follow 1800 people but only have 5 followes. This says to me you are a spammer.

You follow me and send me a direct message with a link to you site or link to where I can buy your book and then do it every week even though I haven't responded. If I wanted to see your site, book, blog ect..I would have. The fact that I haven't should tell you something.

You don't have an avatar and bio is missing. Please fill it out and let us know something, anything about you.

If I look at your twitter feed and see that you have a propensity to argue or belittle others, I will not follow you and if you get out of hand, I will block you.

Following family. At first I didn't have any family that I was following and now I have a few. Their not up on tweet etiquette and will sometimes tweet things that are just silly and sorta inappropriate. Gotta love family on social media. lol

So now I follow those who have similar tastes to me, things we have in common or people who follow me who actually have something to say, not just want me to read their blog, book ect..