Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Mountain's Mate by Sara Ivy Hill


Book Description

He’ll move mountains for her…
When Patrek, a giant Skarr alien, hires a human for a covert mission, he doesn’t expect a female to take the gig. Nor does he expect his long-dormant mating instinct to ignite for someone so tiny! When the heist goes awry and they’re forced to hide out together until the heat dies down, the close quarters reveal that, though they’re vastly mismatched in size, their hearts are a perfect fit.

To escape with his freedom, Patrek must flee the city. But leaving her behind will break him. Can he convince her to join him in the mountains and take a monster as her mate?

My Review

Maja is on an alien planet after humans crash landed there some time ago. It was interesting to have humans be the aliens on a planet instead of the other way around. Things are not great for the humans there though and Maja is having a hard time just making enough money for the necessities let alone her rent. So when she hears about a gig that pays a lot, enough to make up for the 2 months back rent she owes, she shows up for the gig, not knowing what it's for. 

When she shows up to Patrek's place and finds out what the gig is for, they make plans to help an animal but what she has to wear is a little disturbing. After things don't go as planned, they have to lay low together until things settle down and they get to know each other better. 

Patrek is a 14 foot tall alien with facial tusks and Maja is a 5 foot tall human, so the size difference alone would make this romance interesting. But somehow this author made things work because Patrek is a gentle giant. Being around Maja has his mating instinct's kicking into to overdrive and he has to make her trust him so she knows that he'd never hurt her. The last female of his species died and his people are about to die out so I think these two being able to mate is going to open up a way for his people to not die out is subsequent books.

This romance was so much fun. I love a spicy alien romance and this one was everything that I could ask for. I loved Patrek and Maja together, they made for a great couple. I plan on reading more of this series now. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.