Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reviews, Opinions and Hurt Feelings

I have read that an author here made a blog post about a reviewer and made a lot of people very angry.

Now I realize that there are countless review sites, blogs, ect out there right now and a lot of reviewers get their books to review for free in exchange for a review. But the author, publisher ect..should not expect a good review just ebcause they gave the book in exchange for the review.

I have written a few book and movie reviews and have been given a couple of books for free for writing a review. Or I win them in contests ect..But most of the time I buy the book myself.

I do not however consider myself a book reviewer, not like on some of these blogs where that's pretty much all they do. I read a lot and sometimes I write down my opinions of the books I read or the movies I watch.

I have made reviews where I did not like a particular book or movie and let it be known. I'm entitled to my opinion just as everyone else is. But the author in this case got 2 bad reviews and decided she didn't like what was said so she decided to retaliate in her own way, on her blog. But I think she will come to regret what she said because the people she wants to read her books are regular people who sometimes review books too and she probably just made a lot of them very mad. Her post is spreading like wildfire and as more and more people read it, she might want to remove it before she regrets what she has said in a fit of anger. But that's just my opinion....