Wednesday, July 02, 2014


My little demon. lol Those red eyes show up so well in this picture. It's like she's deep in thought here, "Hmm what trouble shall I get into today?"

She's really sweet though. 

"So, we gonna play or what?"
She loves to come out on the couch and run around. And I do mean run around. She'll run from one end to the other, jumping on us, dive bombing into our shirts and then darting out of them so she can run around some more.

Unlike my boys, she's very small, very dainty. But she's 8 months old, full grown so this is as big as shell get. She might gain a little weight as she gets older and slows down a bit but it won't be anytime soon because she has so much energy and is always on the move. 

She's the first hairless rat I've ever had and I love having her around. 

I bought a couple of extra fleece cubes because Flower loves to chew hers to bits, so here she is in her new cube. I wonder how long this one will stay in one piece? lol