Tuesday, May 15, 2012

RIP Jasper

My beautiful Jasper passed away yesterday.

Jasper was my laid back, cuddly boy who loved to be cuddled and kissed on the face. Jasper loved to sit next to us on the couch where he would lay on us and eye boggle and give kisses. He would just stay close, clean himself or brux and boggle, or look around. Because he was so laid back and gentle, I would usually take him out to show to new people and he loved the attention. It didn't take much behind the ear petting to get him boggling. A few days ago, Jasper started slowing down for no apparent reason.

On his last day he was snuggling with his brothers, because that's where he seemed most comfortable and happy. As I was watching him in the cage he started to seem restless and his breathing became more labored. All of a sudden, Jasper ran down the ladder and to the cage door, making a line straight for me. I saw the urgency in him and picked him up and sat down. I was sitting there with him, just petting him gently and talking to him. I found "the spot" behind his little ear and I got a short, sweet boggle out of my boy... our last one together. I feel so fortunate that I was able to be home with him when he passed and it's obvious to me that he knew how much he was loved since he wanted to be held.

I had him on antibiotics for the past week, but the upper respiratory infection it seems got the better of him.

Jasper was my big boy, the biggest rat I've ever had or seen. He was always ready to come out for a snuggle and I am really going to miss our snuggle time together. 

Jasper being Jasper. He was so lovable and so laid back. 

Jasper laying on the food bowl. Or at least trying too. I don't think he knew he didn't fit. lol He scooped all the food out of the bowl first too. Silly boy. 

What ya doing mama.

My beautiful boy posing for the camera. 

He was so laid back, he even let me dress him for Easter with some bunny ears. 

He was such a sweet little guy, my heart is broken right now and I'll be taking some time off the computer for a few days. I'll be back in a few days.