Thursday, January 07, 2021

Review: Clean Perfume

Last month I ordered the sampling kit from Clean Perfume because I already loved the Rain scent and wanted to see if I liked the other scents. Well I do. The scents I received were: 

Warm Cotton
Radiant Nectar
Flower Fresh
Acqua Neroli

A couple of years ago I bought 3 little roll-on tubes of perfume from this brand, it was Warm Cotton, Rain and Skin. I loved these scents so much that I would go and find the gift set every year right before Christmas for myself. Then this year I saw that I could get a sampling kit from them that had a couple of other scents in it so I bought that and I'm so glad I did because they all smell so good. 

These all smell so good that I cannot pick a favorite but this is my favorite perfume brand for sure. Have you ever tried this brand or smelled this perfume? Do you have a favorite perfume?