Thursday, November 09, 2023

Book Review: Death is Easy by Letty Frame

Book Description

When you’ve lost literally everything but your own life, can you learn to be loved or will you give up fighting the negative voice in your head and finally lose yourself completely?

Nora Hart is twenty-four years old, but she’s lost everything, rebuilt her life, fought through grief and worse, all while managing to avoid the shifter world that broke her in the first place.

Despite her near death and struggle for survival all on her own, she’s done quite well and has created a pretty normal life for herself. Despite all that, fate isn’t done messing with her.

Her heart and soul aren’t ready to open up to new mates, and may never be, but fate has brought them into her life anyway, causing her to move across the country as she tries to deny her connections and keep some semblance of the life she’s created.

Not only that, but that little voice in her head begging for death is back stronger than ever, those from her past who broke her down are back for more, and now she’s being hunted by humans out to rid the world of shifters.

Will she be strong enough to get through all of this, to find herself again and have a happy life, or will her struggle finally come to an end?

Death is Easy is the first instalment in the Second Chances trilogy. This series is a medium-burn reverse harem romance, and there is a guaranteed HEA at the end of the third book.

My Review

Nora was so excited when she turned 18 years old and would be able to find her mate. As a shifter their animals know when they find their mates and it's really hard to fight that bond. So when she comes face to face with her destined mate and it's her alpha's son, she's thrilled and for a moment she thinks he is too. But then he rejects her and she's thrown out of her pack and moved to some small town. Even her own family throws her away. It takes a long time for Nora to finally pick up the pieces of her life but when she's through the worst of it, she finds her animal is gone and she can no longer shift. 

When her boss gives her a new job in a new place, she doesn't realize at first it's because he's a lion shifter and knows that she is his mate. But because of the hurt she's gone through, she doesn't recognize him as her mate right away. To make matters even stranger, a few other males see her and know right away that she's also their mates. The males will have to find a way to work together to make her realize that she's worthy of a mate and she's not as broken as she thinks she is. 

But after starting to have feelings for some of the males and starting to realize that she might be happy with them, her cat decides to show her that she's still there inside her, she's just broken and doesn't see these new males as her mates. 

Nora's cat is giving her all kinds of problems once she wakes up from where she's been hiding after they were rejected. This story took a decidedly darker turn towards the end that I wasn't expecting and wasn't sure how this would end. All the new mates in her life did a really good job of taking care of her though. This book was full of surprises as well as alpha males that wanted nothing more than to take care of their mate. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.