Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gummi Vitamins vs Pills

Since I found out I was deficient in two different vitamins, I now take Vitamin D and Folic Acid pills. So when I received a free bottle of Vitamin D gummies in one of the Daily Goodie Boxes, I was pretty happy about it. Then I also received a free bottle of Hair, Skin and Nails gummies and Vitamin C gummies. 

I wondered if the Vitamin levels in these gummies were the same or as good as they are in the pill form so I stopped taking the pill form of the Vitamin D and only took the gummies for 2 months because I knew I had a doctors appointment and blood tests coming up at the end of the two months that would check my Vitamin D levels. 

At the beginning of this month I had my blood tests done and my vitamin D level came back perfect, just as it was when I was taking the pill form. So this tells me that it doesn't matter which form you take if you need it, because both work just as well as the other. I might start taking both the folic acid and the vitamin D in gummi form from now on since they are a lot easier to take. 

All 3 of the gummies that I was taking had a good taste and I've tried a few gummi vitamins that didn't have a good taste so this was a plus for me this time. I can see the gummi version being better for people who have a hard time swallowing pills too. My mom had throat cancer and radiation which shrunk her throat and made it hard for her to swallow so she used a pill splitter to cut her pills in half or more so she could swallow them. A gummi would have been a lot easier for her to swallow.

After taking the Hair, Skin & Nail gummies, I found my skin less dry and softer which was nice. it didn't really do much for my nails and I didn't see any difference in my hair.

So if you've ever wondered if the gummi vitamins were worth it or as good as the pill form, I can say they are.