Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Experience with Vons.com Delivery

So as many of you know we lost our car a few months ago and it's been kinda hard getting here and there without it. But it did last quite a long time and right now we just don't have the funds to buy another one, so having groceries delivered seemed like a great idea...in theory.

The website is pretty easy to navigate and I ordered about $200.00 worth of groceries. The shipping and handling is between $6.96 and $15.00 depending on when you have it delivered and how fast you want it. The first shipping fee is free for new customers.

The next day they arrived and I started un packing. They don't give you a total until they deliver because of the difference in meat prices and if they had to substitute some things. I had 3 things on my list that they were out of so I didn't get those items and 3 things were substituted for a different size. I also noticed that 2 packages of meat that I had ordered did not make it to me but I was acharged for them. So I called the customer service number and she said they would refund my money. I had asked if they would just bring the packages to me that I had been charged for but unless I ordered $50.00 more worth of groceries they will not deliever even to make up for a mistake they made.

So I was given a refund to my credit card.

All in all it wasn't a bad experience and I might just use their service again, I just hope they get it right next time.