Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: Walmart Welcome Baby Box

I've been subscribed to and getting the Walmart Beauty Box for a couple of years but they also have a Baby Box and it's only $5 every 3 months as well. I signed up for the Walmart Welcome Baby Box and it was free with free shipping. They sent a Free Welcome Box as long as I signed up for their  Baby Registry and was an Amazon Mom Member.  This box is currently sold out.

Inside the box was cute blue tissue paper and several free samples of baby products. I'll be adding these to a box to give to the next mom I know with a newborn. 

Inside the box was a coupon towards fabric softener. 
Newborn baby bottle. 
Sample of laundry softener. 
A sample of Cetaphil shampoo/body wash. 
A sample tube of diaper rash cream.

It was a nice box of freebies that I'm sure a new mom will love to get.