Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trying New Things

Last month our daughter gave us a basket of snacks for Christmas. These two things were the only things that we had never tried before so I figured that if we hadn't tried them, maybe a bunch of you haven't tried them either. 

Our daughter knows that we love those tin cans with the smoked oysters, sardines, kipper snacks and clams. So she got the Giant Calamari thinking we might like that as well. She got the Jack Link's Jerky Chew because both of us like jerky but thought this was a fun package and fun way to eat it. 

When I opened the can of Giant calamari, this is what it looked like. For those of you that don't know, Calamari is Squid. Part of the ingredients listed were: Cephalopod Tentacles, vegetable oil. 

I have to say, they weren't bad at all. Quite chewy though but I would eat this again. 

The other thing is the Jack Link's Original Jerky Chew. This stuff looked a little like chew when you first opened it. It's beef jerky shredded down to a fine almost saw dust type feel. But it tastes exactly like the Original Jack Link's Beef Jerky. I really don't know if people use this as a substitute to tobacco chew or not but I bet this tastes better. lol 

Have you eaten anything new recently?