Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Great Christmas Gifts For Rat Lovers

Ever since getting that $25 gift card to Zazzle.com and picking out the little rat mug pictured above, I've been thinking about what would make great Christmas gifts for people who like rats. There are many cute and thoughtful gifts that have a ratty theme to them but people who don't often look for such things might have a hard time finding them, so I wrote an article that you can find here to help you with your shopping this year. 

I will tell you that I got one of the ideas from a fellow blogger, Confession of The Hockman Girl and her blog post, Making a Memory Ornament

I think making a memory ornament of your pets paw print is a wonderful idea and the kits available to do this are inexpensive, and easy to make. So thank you for the great idea :)