Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Book Review: Witches Get Stitches


Book Description

Violet Savoie has a plan. A dream, rather. To open her own tattoo shop, which caters to supernaturals in need of permanent charms. As a powerful Seer, she has the potent magic to cast every kind of spell. Except the kind to give werewolves control over their beastly side. And her business partner Nico needs help in the worst kind of way.

Nico Cruz has a secret. A motive, rather. To subtly stalk and seduce Violet until she finally recognizes they are fated to be together. Ever since their heated encounter in Austin on New Year’s Eve two years earlier, he’s been dying to get his hands—and his tongue—back on her body. He knows a woman like Violet can’t be courted in the usual way. Luckily, Nico has no scruples about misbehaving to get what he wants.

But when his former pack roams into town, and an old friend is far too interested in Violet, his focus shifts to the threat venturing into his territory. Nico may come across as the quiet, broody one, but the intruders are about to regret stepping foot in New Orleans. And when Violet goes missing, no charm or spell can keep Nico’s wolf at bay.

My Review

When Nico and Violet meet at a bar, they hit it off right away but Violet leaves town right after they hook up and she figures she'll never see him again. She knows that her one true guy is out there and she's waiting for him to show up. Her relationships don't last long, she moves on pretty fast after she hooks up with someone. She thinks she'll know when she meets the one guy for her. 

So when Nico turns up in New Orleans, Violet is surprised but after doing a tarot reading on herself she's sure that Nico isn't the true love that she's been waiting for even though she lusts after him and is completely infatuated with him. She likes him and doesn't want to chance hurting him if they hook up and she ultimately dumps him a short time later. So she chooses to keep him at an arms distance away and keep her feelings to herself. Or so she thinks because he knows that she has feelings for him and pushes her buttons more than once. But when she spies him flirting with another girl, she can't stop the surge of jealousy that goes through her. Nico and Violet end up seeing where their relationship will go after they finally stop ignoring their feelings for each other. 

Some members of Nico's old pack end up coming into town and barge into Violet's tattoo shop because she's a witch and is working on something that might help them. Nico and his old pack are werewloves so Nico gets all territorial and a little blood thirsty because he wants to keep the other members of his old pack away from Violet. Nico and Violet are working on getting to know one another better and on their relationship. Nico already knows that Violet is his mate but he hasn't brought that up to Violet yet. So when Violet goes missing, it's all he can do to keep it together and make sure he doesn't lose control and kill all of them when he finds out who has kidnapped her. 

One of my favorite parts of this book is the Grims helping to find Violet and helping again towards the end of the book. We don't know much about the family of Grims but they are very interesting and I hope we see a lot more of them in the future. 

Violet wants to use her magic to help all werewolves but she's going to need help in order to do that. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.