Thursday, November 03, 2022

Book Review: A Bear's Protection by Dakota West


Book Description

Cora Leighton is a woman on the run.

Fleeing a bad relationship and an ex who’s blatantly stalking her, Cora enters the shifter state of Cascadia with one thing on her mind: freedom. Love is the last thing she’s looking for, no matter how sexy the men of Cascadia turn out to be.

Rugged, sexy bear shifters Ash and Hunter are mates. Their peaceful lives in Granite Valley are perfect, except for one thing: they need a woman to complete their triad.

When Ash looks up from his seat in his police cruiser to see Cora speeding by, he has no idea that he’s about to find just the right woman. A speeding ticket turns into a hell of a lot more, and fast. Ash can’t explain the pull he feels toward the feisty, curvy reporter, but Hunter feels it too.

When Cora’s deranged stalker shows up and sets out to kill their only chance at true happiness, Ash and Hunter will do whatever it takes to protect her.

But can their brute bear strength take on the cunning of a deranged man who’s lost his grip on reality?

A Bear's Protection is a steamy romance, complete with two sexy men in love, a threesome, and more heat than a bonfire in August.

My Review

Ash and Hunter are bear shifters and they are also mates. They have been looking for the female who will become their third and will complete their triad. Having three mates is not strange for bear shifters even if the humans who now know about them think it's strange. So a lot of shifters live in the town of Cascadia and other cities that humans know are shifter cities and they leave them alone for the most part. 

Cora doesn't want to move away from her sister, her life and her job. But the guy stalking her won't leave her alone and the police will do nothing to help her. So she pulls up stakes, and hightails it out of town, moving far away, thinking that her stalker won't find her in this new town or at least won't follow her here. 

But she's wrong. 

Cora feels safe for the first time in months and after meeting Ash and Hunter and they make it pretty obvious they are interested in her, she falls for them really fast. But she fails to let them know that a stalker is after her, even after a window in her car is broken. She's hoping it's just a coincidence, it's not. Ash is a police officer so he investigates the crime but she still doesn't tell him it might be her stalker. It's not until the stalker makes himself known that she finally comes clean which I thought was kinda dumb of her. She should have told them or at least Ash since he's a cop so he would know it might be him. 

When She finds herself in danger, both Ash and Hunter stop at nothing to make sure she's safe. I don't know if the stalker thought he could get away with doing what he did in a town with a bunch of shifters but he wasn't thinking clearly so maybe he just wasn't thinking at all. But it ended well and I really liked this book. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.