Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Most Horrible Movies List

There are a few movies that I hope to never have to watch again, they are on my list for the Most Horrible Movies Ever Made. Thankfully, there are only a few of them because I can pretty much watch just about anything and find some type of entertainment value in them. But not with these. I will never again get the time I put into watching these movies, back again. They have left a huge hole where that time and brain space needed to hold the memories of these awful movies. Too bad I can't take the memories of these movies and replace them with others that I liked more. Maybe some day I'll be old and won't remember having watched them...

My list for Most Horrible Movies:

Kill Bill- Great googly moogly can someone, anyone stop this franchise from making any more movies? There was the first one and then the second one which was even worst. The acting, the storyline, the action *if you can call it that* was just beyond ridiculous.

Kill Bill 2- Like I said, the second one is even worst than the first...O.o

Battlefield Earth- Oh great mythical lord of movie makers...please don't make another movie like this one. Holy hell this was one of the most boring, make me want to fall asleep until it's over, movies I've ever seen. The costumes, makeup and storyline was utterly ridiculous.

Wild Wild West- Yes please take a show that most younger people won't remember and make it into a movie no one wants to see. Way to go, movie makers!

Blair Witch- Who came up with the awful idea to make a movie where if you watch it for too long you might fall off the couch into a drooling, seizure induced idiot because they can't keep the camera still, long enough for your eyes to focus on anything?