Saturday, February 06, 2021

Review: Dead of Night by Emily Goodwin


Book Description

Never trust a vampire.

I might have learned that lesson the hard way. But when I find myself in a vampire-owned bar, I don’t have much of a choice. With vampires still trying to assimilate into mainstream society, I’ve done Lucas King a favor by stopping one of his patrons from draining a human dry in the basement of his bar. A favor he'd prefer to repay in bed than in kind.

Vampires and witches have had more than a jaded history, and when witches start showing up dead in surrounding covens, all signs point to something old and powerful. Something that knows the ways of the witches.

Something--or someone--like Lucas. 

What's worse than trusting a vampire? Falling in love with one.

Dead of Night a vampire/witch romance and is book one in the Thorne Hill series.

My Review
Callie ends up stopping a vampire from maybe killing a human by a bar but when Lucas comes out to see what's going on, Callie thinks she's going to have to fight three vampires instead of jut the one. So when Lucas offers to take her home because she's had too much to drink, she's not sure what to think but she let's him take her home. 

Lucas is sixteen hundred years old and it's been a long time since someone has surprised him or made him feel anything new and with Callie he's feeling something. 

When Callie realizes that someone is stalking her she's gonna need help from not only other witch's but from Lucas as well. Lucas doesn't mind though because he seems a little infatuated with her. But when witches start getting murdered and it looks like a vampire might be doing it, Callie has doubts about her new boyfriend. He's old and powerful enough to be able to take out a powerful witch. She just hopes that he isn't the one she might have to kill. 

While the main mystery is solved and the demon that was chasing Callie and the other witches is gone, a lot of other questions are raised and not answered. So while the main mystery is concluded I can't really call this ending a cliffhanger since it appears the story will continue to the next book. So hopefully we get more answers in the next book. But I really liked Lucas and Callie, they might be totally opposites but they really fit together nicely. Lucas is such a nice guy, and Callie is a strong woman which I loved.

I loved that Callie and her friend owned a book store with a lot of romance books it in. She said she liked romance because of the HEA (Happily Ever After) in them because real life is rarely that way. She'd had a rough life especially since she was the only one in her family to have witch powers and they hated her for that. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.