Thursday, August 12, 2021

Book Review: Double Dragon Box set by Terry Bolryder


Book Description

Three hot and sexy dragon menage romances at an incredible price!

Welcome to the world of dragons, fire-breathing enforcers of the shifter world who possess special powers and do everything in pairs. Strong, sexy and unimaginably wealthy, the only thing these dragons need is a sexy mate to complete their triads. Enjoy all three complete and separate stories in a best-selling series with over 400 five star reviews!

Double Dragons

Ran and Draven need a mate now. As the black and gold dragons of their region, their very lives depend on finding the right woman to complete their triad. And when they find and rescue Melissa, a quiet librarian who has gotten in way over head trying to do the right thing, they know she’s the one. If she agrees to be their mate, she’ll have full access to the men’s hearts, wealth, and incredibly generous love-making. But in return, she’ll have to put everything on the line, including her own life, as she enters the dangerous world that the dragons call home.

Desired by Dragons

When Tara jumped into icy water to save a drowning child, she was expecting to die. Instead, she wakes up to find that two tall, beautiful men with rare powers want her for their own. Tara's intrigued by the dragons and the off-the-charts sexual chemistry she feels with them, and agrees to spend a week figuring out if she can really belong in their world of magic and adventure. But the dragons aren't the only ones who want Tara forever, and an obsessed ex from her past may bring the dragons the biggest challenge they've ever faced. Drake and Quill will have to put the past aside and learn to work together if they want to attain their most important goal: protecting their mate.

Destined Dragons

Sterling and Gentry are the powerful leaders of the New York dragons and still looking for the perfect mate. From the moment they meet the brave, independent, and curvy Roxy, they’re sure she’s the one for them. Now they just have to show her all the reasons she should be the mate of two sexy, capable dragon shifters who live for nothing but to please her, while keeping her safe from the men still stalking her. But while things quickly get hot between Roxy and her sexy shifters, evil forces are also building to mount an attack. If the dragons want to protect Roxy from the most dangerous foes they’ve ever faced, they may have to make choices that could lose her forever.

Warning: Each of the Dragon books is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and two sexy, stubborn dragons who might just light your fire. However, each also contains adult-level sexiness and some intense action scenes and is meant for mature readers only. Enjoy!

My Review

I'm going to do a mini review for each book in this box set. 

Double Dragons

Ran and Draven aren't looking for a mate when one falls right in their lap. Melissa is a librarian and when when she stays after work several large men are talking about slaves and other things she can't quite understand. She's hiding until she hears what she thinks is a little girl crying and whimpering so she comes out of her hiding spot and confronts the guys. They are going to kidnap her too until Ran and Draven come to her rescue. Ran thinks she might have a dragon-heart because she is so brave but Draven isn't so sure and doesn't want to get hurt again when she finds out who and what they really are, But Ran gives her the choice to stay with them on a trial basis to see if they all work together. Melissa agrees and things are looking good until they find themselves in a dangerous situation and Melissa does something that could have great consequences for all of them. The romance was great and the dragon shifters are hot, seductive and great with her. 

Desired By Dragons

Tara, Drake and Quill meet when she jumps into a lake to save a drowning child. Quill can't let her drown and Drake can't let Quill get hurt so he jumps in and saves her. Right away Quill wants to take her back to their home and see if she could be the mate for them but Drake is standoffish at first. All these dragon shifters think that the human women are going to run away once they learn what the guys really are and what they might have to sacrifice if the mating doesn't go well. But Tara is there to stay. There's only one problem, she has an ex boyfriend who doesn't want to let her go and that brings danger to their doorstep because he's more than just a mere human and she had no idea about that when she was dating him. Drake and Quill are so great and exactly what Tara needed. 

Destined Dragons

Sterling and Gentry are dragon shifters and the leaders of the New York dragons. I didn't really like Sterling from the last book but we only get to see a little of his personality. Roxy saved a man from getting killed by a train and then she is kidnapped by some other shifters. The wolf shifters and wyverns are working together with a someone who wants to experiment on Roxy and she's put in danger on more than one occasion. When Gentry has a vision of what is about to happen to Roxy, they go and save her. But because she is dragon-hearted they decide to ask her if she wants to take a week to get to know them and see if they are mates. The next week is hard because she has plans for her life but Gentry and Sterling are already getting attached and don't understand why she isn't agreeing to become their mate. It's not until they are all in danger that she realizes what she wants.This had such a great ending and it was nice to see what was going on with the other two couples from this box set. 

I give this box set 4 out of 5 stars.