Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Precisio Tweezers

I haven't bought a pair of tweezers in years. The last time I had a new pair of tweezers is when I won a grab bag at a party and it had a pair of tweezers, a nail file and a brush in it. That was about 15 years ago, so as you can tell I was in need of a new pair of so I bought the Precisio Tweezers.

My husband is a maintenance man and does things around the house and sometimes when working with wood, he'll get the occasional splinter. Since my old pair of tweezers didn't work well at all, I would end up having to take a pair of nail clippers or a needle and dig the splinter out- not fun.

*This is what the tweezers looked like when I opened the package.*

Hubby just so happened to get a splinter in the side of his hand while cutting wood with his hand saw and I used this opportunity to use my new tweezers and in less than 5 seconds I had grabbed the offending piece of wood and tugged it out. The tweezers worked really well and held on great. 

I don't pluck my eyebrows, I never have. I really have no need to. But that's not the only use for a pair of tweezers. I used my new tweezers to grip seed beads while I ran a thread through them while I worked on making a new beaded bracelet and it worked great. 

These tweezers also come with a case for storage so you'll never have to worry whether or not your tweezers are dirty. 

I really liked the Precisio Tweezers and recommend them. If you'd like to buy a pair you can find them here


  1. They come in handy for more than eyebrows, that is good, as plucking would hurt lol

  2. And again the container would sell me on them. lol I'm so shallow. ::snort::

  3. I haven't used one in years. Mainly to get splinters out of the skin

  4. They look pretty nice.

  5. That was a great deal! I have these too and absolutely love them they are the best tweezers I have ever tried. Great review!

  6. OUCH to removing splinters! I always just assume tweezers are tweezers, but this blog has me rethinking that!

  7. Does anyone use tweezers to squeeze their zits?

  8. Pat- Plucking does hurt. I did it once and never did it again.

    Anna- lol That's so funny.

    Adam- Yeah they are good for splinters.

    Lady Lilith- Thank you.

    Jessica- It was a great deal. I love mine too. Thanks. :)

    Stephanie- Hubby is tough, he doesn't even make a face when I'm digging a splinter out.

    Gorilla- Good grief, I hope not. lol


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