Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Word Verification Glitch on Blogger

So a few of my readers commented to me that they had to put in the dreaded word verification captcha's even though I turned all that nonsense off, but it still showed up. I looked in the help forums and really found nothing of help but I knew if I visited enough blogs that someone would find the answer and one of my friends over at The Run Around Ranch did.

She said to go into settings and change comments to 'embedded' and that will get rid of the blogger/Google glitch and turn off the word verification. And it worked!

But I noticed in the comments of her blog that someone said another person had written a blog post about fixing this problem so I read it at Fuzzy Tales and she even had pictures as to how to fix the problem.

I hope this helps anyone who was as frustrated as I was with this.


  1. Thanks for mentioning this! I checked my blog and noticed the word verification had turned back on, even though it says "no." I embedded the comments and got rid of it. Why, oh, why can't they get rid of the word verification tool completely or at least listen to those who don't want it?

  2. That would be annoying! Blogger has been "eating" comments lately. That's pretty frustrating, too. You'll type up a big comment, then it will just vanish. I'm starting to learn to copy every comment before hitting "Publish," just in case.

  3. blogspot users are able to just hit publish and bypass it, but wordpress or typepad bloggers have to enter word ver. if it comes up. *sigh*

  4. I have seen it around a ton

  5. Ah, glad you've managed to get rid of it and thanks for the tip for making sure it's all fixed. I'll have to go and check mine to make sure it's not been turned back on for me as well.

  6. For some reason it's back for me. Weird!


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