Monday, January 28, 2013

Las Vegas Zoo

Bet ya didn't know we had a zoo, did ya? it's not a big zoo and I'm only posting a couple of pictures but yeah, we have a zoo. Inside the zoo there's a petting zoo where you can pet and feed the goats. They totally ignored us and kept sleeping until I bought 2 cups of food.

Then they woke up and started chasing us around, banging their heads into my legs. One almost knocked my daughter over and she threw her cup of food up in the air and ran for me. I picked her up and still had a cup of food for them and was getting beat all to hell by them ramming their heads into my legs. So I emptied my cup on the ground and calmly walked out of the petting zoo pen. The next day I was completely black and blue and in so much pain I could hardly walk. lol 

The funniest thing were the ostrich's. They had been sitting on the ground until my daughter walked over and then this one got up and spread its wings...scaring my daughter. her face pretty much shows how she Poor kid...


  1. lol sure the ostrich got a big ego boost

  2. The goats beat me up and the ostrich scared my daughter...I'm surprised we ever went

  3. Ostriches are funny, but they can be mean as hell.


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