Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Hypothetical Question...

I have a question for you my friends. I don't know exactly what to think of this so I figured I would get some input from others. Here's my question...

A woman lets a man her boyfriend knows and is friends with move in with her because he has no other place to stay. She gives him his own room and they are nothing but friends.

Then one night, they start drinking together and both of them get drunk and have consensual sex that night, but in the morning when she wakes up she calls her boyfriend and tells him that his friend got her drunk and essentially took advantage of her...she actually uses the word "rape" to explain the situation to her boyfriend.

Now she acknowledges that she never said, "No" and at the time it was consensual...but she states that she thinks it is 'rape' because he got her drunk and took advantage of her.

My problem with this is, they were both drunk and she never said 'No'. She only regretted what she did the next day when she sobered up and realized she would have to explain how she ended up in bed with her boyfriends friend.

So now she is claiming she was "raped" by the guy and it's not ringing true to me. If she truly thought she was raped wouldn't she have called the police instead of just kicking the guy out?

What do you think?


  1. Sounds like an easy way for her not to live up to what she did.

  2. It's these types of woman that really piss of women who really were raped. She sounds like she just realized what she did when she woke up and had to think of someone else to blame. She needs to take responsibility for what she did.

  3. Sounds like she is trying to excuse her behavior.

  4. This is a case of someone transferring the blame. She needs to own her mistakes.

  5. That's what I was thinking too. Thanks for all the comments.

  6. Time to put on her big girl panties and own up to what she did. Sounds like a mutual party to me. Shame on her for carelessly tossing the word "rape" around when there are real victims of it who did say "no".

  7. I appreciate you weighing in on the conversation. I am thinking the same thing.

  8. I appreciate you weighing in on the conversation. I am thinking the same thing.


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