Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rat Scratches

One of my rats, Bandit...decided he wanted to grab a hold of my hand and climb on it. The result was three little claw marks on my hand. lol 

I don't get a lot of scratches from them but when they dig their claws in to grab a hold..this can be the result. He tried giving me kissed later..Made it all better. 


  1. Having random scratches/bruises from pets is always fun. People always look at me like I'm a self-mutilator. What they don't realize is that I have a 140 lbs dog with separation anxiety who doesn't realize he weighs 140 lbs. lol

    I leave the house for 10 minutes to drop my son off at school and he jumps all over me like I was gone for a year. Love him to death but I wish he would knock it off with the kicking of my butt every time I walk in the door. LOL

  2. ouch indeed, and yeah the cat has scratched me good and deep, once actually scratched my throat, looked like I was trying to off myself haha

  3. All 7 of my rats have sharp claws and they like to climb on my arms...silly boys. Scratches me up but good. People who have animals know you have animals when they see scratches like that, but if they don't have animals they think you got in a fight with a ginsu knife.

  4. Ouch! My daughter is always getting little scratches from the female cat, because she tries to "love on her" too much. Nothing that scars are causes real trauma, though.

  5. Most people who have pets get scratched eventually. They are love marks. lol


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