Sunday, April 03, 2016

Product Review: First Aid Kit by Survival Hax

Product Description

The First Aid Kit by Survival Hax is the ONE item you do not want to be without in any situation. 

The small 105 piece emergency survival bag fits nicely into the glove box of your car, the medicine cabinet at work, or the nurses station at school. We made sure to add only lightweight items so that your bug out bag wouldn't be bogged down by heavy items. 

This compact emergency first aid kit is only 5 x 7 inches, weighs less than a pound, and we still managed to fit a fire starter and Mylar thermal blanket inside. 

Why? Because when our customers ask for extra items, we deliver. 

Here's a list of quality contents you'll find inside this little beast. 

(1) Triangular Bandage 
(1) PBT Bandage (Small) 
(1) PBT Bandage (Large) 
(1) Roll of Nonwoven Tape 
(2) Nonwoven Swab 
(10) Wipes 
(20) Band Aid (Regular) 
(10) Band Aid (Small) 
(4) Butterfly Band Aid 
(4) H Style Band Aid 
(4) Cleaning Wipes 
(30) Cotton (Q-Tips) 
(1) First Aid Blanket 
(1) Scissors 
(10) Safety Pins 
(1) CPR Mask 
(1) PVC Gloves - Large 
(1) Tweezers 
(1) Flint Starter 
(1) First Aid Bag 

The only mini Emergency First Aid Kit on Amazon with a Fire Starter and thermal blanket. 

My Review

This is a pretty good started first aid kit for those looking to have a few bandages, band aids, and other first aid supplies to take with them on hiking and camping trips. 

This kit has a little bit of everything so it's a nice kit to have around. The one thing that this kit has that most other kits I've seen don't have is a flint fire starter. If you are going hiking or camping you want to have some sort of fire starter with you in case you get lost or hurt and need to start a fire to keep warm, so I really liked seeing that addition to this kit. Everyone should have a first aid kit around and this is a good starter kit to have around. 

While this kit is nice, I would add Benadryl and Tylenol to this kit. Whenever my husband and brother go hiking or fishing they always take a small zip lock baggie with some bandages, tape, Benadryl and Tylenol. Now they can just take this kit with them. It's small enough to add to any pack you are taking with you. 

It was $29.99 at the time of my review and for the supplies in this bag that price seems a little high to me. 

If you'd like to purchase this product, you can find it here

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. 

I give this First Aid Kit a 4 out of 5 stars.

I like that it has a zippered mesh to keep everything in its place.

This is what comes with the kit.


  1. This is better than those plastic first aid boxes we had, back in the day.

  2. I agree with Bijoux. This seems like a totally awesome kit and one we all should have. Like you, I'm a little iffy on the cost, but it's still something to keep in the car or at home.

    1. I have several first aid kits now. Always good to have around.

  3. Looks like a good one. I need to clean mine up and get it restocked sometime soon.

    1. I have several this one is just a back up now.

  4. Good one to keep around, meh to the cost though. And yeah, having bendryl on hand is always good.

    1. My big one has some of the medicines in it.

  5. We have a kit very similar to that in our cabin. It is a ways away from any hospital, so a first aid kit is very important. I agree with you about the Benadryl and Tylenol. I was very surprised that this was not included in my kit either. I never thought about the flint starter, but it makes sense. I guess because I don't go out camping much. I just needed it in the cabin. We have lighters and matches there.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  6. This is a nice kit, and I like the fire starter.I have a larger one at home, but this would be nice for the car.

    1. I liked it for the fire starter too.

  7. Sounds like something useful to keep with us all the time in the car and in the house.

  8. It looks like a nice basic first aid kit and that's handy it's so small and lightweight. And it even has a flint starter, that sounds handy for when you go camping. The price does seem a bit high, but I think I paid something similar for mine, so maybe it's normal.

  9. that does seem a bit high. I have first aid kits I make and put into zip lock baggies--the backpacker in me wants to be very light!

    1. That's what Ken and my brother usually do when they go fishing.

  10. The firestarter is a good addition. That is odd that it didn't include pain reliever and allergy meds. Like the small size.


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