Monday, July 25, 2005

And here come the bugs......

Buggie Boy, the bugs have been coming out in droves. Buggie
Yesterday I spotted a beetle that I swear was at least 5 inches long. The biggest blackest beetle I've ever seen. I figured it was all by it's bis azz self, but what do I find crawling on the wall in my bedroom when I wake up this morning? Oh yeah, a great big black beetle!
Now bugs don't normally give me the heebie geebies, but this thing looked like it could pick my bed up and walk away with it. I went and got a glass jar, caught the lilttle booger and when I got dressed, walked his big azz across the street and put him in a tree over there. LOL
Now while I was at this tree, what do I find? Go ahead ask me what I found...
Ok, I'll tell you. At the base of this tree were ....and I'm not exaggerating least 1000 dead Cicadas. As I looked down to see what I was crunching on...yeah nice visuals huh? I could not believe my eyes. Now sometimes in september you will find dead cicadas and their withered shells, but I don't think I have ever seen this many in one place before. It was sort of creepy seeing all those yellowish cicada carcasses all over the ground. Again with the nice visuals, huh? LOL
Buggie Butterfly 4
So this morning Hubby's friend comes over and he says"Hey, look at this." He opens his hand and I see the smallest Praying Mantis Buggie 2 I've ever seen just looking up at me. It sat in his hand just tilting it's little head this way and that until he took him back outside. He said he saw something running along the rocks, that looked like a and he went and caught it. It was this itsy bitsy Praying Mantis. I went outside and it's still sitting on the wall now.

All of thses bugs are fine...but I just know that sometime this summer I'm gonna come across a hornet or yellow jacket...or dare I say it...KILLER BEE! Bee 2 Bee Now those things just freak me out. Don't get in my way when I'm tring to get away from those flying menaces, ccause I'll mow ya over saving myself. LOL
Butterfly 4


  1. Right after all the rain here in LA, we had a mass exodus of monarch butterflies. They were so beautiful flying around everywhere...

  2. Now I wouldn't mind the butterflys or even lady bugs and we do have alot of them, but these other bugs are getting to me. lol

  3. I think i've seen more bugs around here in the last couple of days than I have all summer. Last week whenI was setting here I had a big bug fly up and smack me in the side of the head and then land right by my mouse. Thing was about half as big as my little finger.

  4. ewww shaggy. Omg when I am ouside and one of those flying things smack me in the side of the head and then keep on flying by it gives me the heebie geebies. lol Half the time I dont even know what smacked me. lol


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