Thursday, July 14, 2005

Things I still want to do...

Scared 1 Not long ago I had a small list of things I wanted to try. Food wise. So we went and picked up some california rolls (sushi) and tried it...all I can say is ewwwwww Gross
Then I tried bagels and cream cheese for the first time. wow, that's really good.
I ate liver pate'....again I could have done without that taste in my mouth ewwwww
I tried tofu... Sickened .bland as hell and I just don't get it. it's like eating squishy cardboard..Now why would you eat squishy cardboard?
I tasted a verrrry small piece of a jalepeno pepper. Chili Pepper Damn near burned my mouth off. OUCH!!
I sat and tried to eat a grapefruit.. Sick couldn't do it. Those things are sooo bitter.. gosh I feel sorry for anyone on a grapefruit diet. lol

So now I was thinking I wanted a new here are things I want to do now...
send a message in a bottle.
Spend a night somewhere scary with some friends. Scared 1
Get a I probably won't cause Ken would kill me.
Hear bagpipes in person from a Scottish man whom I can listen talk after wards. mmmmm (love the scottish accent)
Add "In Accordance with the Prophecy" to the end of an answer a Judge asks me. LOL
Wear body paint and nothing else. Tongue Out
Go to wal-mart and discretely put in a box on condoms in a few elderly ladies carts while there not looking. lol
Well that's all I can think of at te moment.. but it sounds like fun.


  1. H-mmmm Cream cheese and strawberry jams sandwiches....h-mmmm deep fried jalapeno peppers, cooking them this was makes the heat much less, try them with either s garlic sour cream dip or a dip made with blue cheese, sushi no fer me thanks I like my fish cooked and planked.
    My Mary can do the tat thing anytime she like as long as it's tasteful. H-mmm this sounds like a good diner project...

  2. I tried cheese stuffed deep fried Jalapeno peppers and they were still hott. lol and Ken would probably be okay with me getting a tattoo but I wanted a grim reaper. LOL

  3. There isn't much food wise that I would think I want to try, not much I can have any way with my chron's. I doubt I would get a tattoo because I probably couldn't make up my mind what I would want. And my skin is so thin i'd probably bleed all over the place if I tried to get one.


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