Friday, September 23, 2005


So for the past few days since it rained we have been inundated with crickets. Not the nice looking light colored ones with wings, we have had the bigass black ones that are ugly. Ewwww. Roach
So this morning I get up, go in the bathroom and what do i see staring at me from the lip of the toilet? Yep you got it...Mr. buggie. Buggie 2
Now think of this, I'm not even awake for 5 minutes, and i do not wake up in a good moood. lol I hardly have my eyes open, my hair is a complete mess and in a tangle all around my face, and I am standing there trying to figure out what to do. So I just knew he was thinking, "go ahead lady, try and sweep my cute little buggie ass in the toilet" Yeah thats what I was thinking and thats what I tried to do. Can you believe I actually thought it would work? No such luck though. As soon as i touched his big ugly buggie body he jumped straight in the air and landed waaay to close to my foot. So i screamed and then I thought, Oh Hell No. So I quickly woke up, bent over, snatched his little buggie butt fromt the floor and all the while I'm walking over to the hamster cage I can feel him squirming around in my hand...ewww Buggie 2
I Open the one of the hamster cages and throw him in it, now at 5am the hamsters are up and lively. Well my mean little hamster runs around the cage chasing down the menacing cricket and finally grabs him, and starts a snackin. Fly Eater LMAOMy sweet little dwarf hamster (ok so not so sweet since everytime I take him out he seems to want to eat my fingers) but anyway, he starts with the crickets head and starts chowing down. LOL
Take that Mr. buggie. Buggie 2

As I am sitting here writing this what do i feel on my foot? Yep, you guessed it a %^$#@ cricket. Well at least I know the hamsters like them. LLMAO


  1. I haven't seen very many crickets around here this summer, but lately i've been hearing one at night.

  2. ONE!? ONE!? I'll get busy and pack them up for you. We have nothing but those little noisemakers up here. Yes, they are the big one, sometimes over an inch long and they make what used to be a pleasant evening song to this incessant racket 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from mid June to well let's just say last night due to it getting a little cooler at night, was the first break from them all year.
    Millions upon millions of them chirping all at once.
    Eventually you get so that you don't notice them but every once in a while ehn you do the racket came be totally invasive.

  3. My mother said she has seen some this year, but I haven't seen that many. I haven't even heard any noise today. All I heard today was the heavy rain hitting the roof.


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