Saturday, January 21, 2006 only temporary...

or so I'm told. Heh.

I took my daughter to the Mall today and she had decided tog et her ears pierced today , but there was another girl there ahead of us when we got there and while we waited for them to be finished we picked out the pair of earrings she wanted. So the girl was getting her ears pierced and she started crying, the mother had to hold the kids head still in order for the woman to do the other ear. All the while I'm watching my daughter's face and just had this feeling that she wouldnt go through with it. LOL SO I was bad. I asked the woman if she had any velcro restraints cause we might have to tie my daughter to the chair in order to keep her form running out of the store, LOL The woman looked horrified at me and I saw my daughters face and knew the moment she had decided not to do it. LOL We walked out of there with no ear piercing done. LMAO


  1. That sounds like fun. You didn't happen to have a camera and get a shot of the look on your daughter's face, did you? That would have been cool.

  2. LOL No, but I really should bring my camera with me more places. lol

  3. I usually carry a camera with me when I go out, just in case i see anything interesting. At least I do when summer rolls around, unless its raining hard or something. My dad just got a new video camera, so he gave me his old VHS-C one and i had to go get a camera bag for it this morning. I was telling my mother I wish they made a camera holder that was kind of like a holster, that I could put on my belt and carry the video camera with me. That would be cool. But then, like most times, if I have the camera nothing happens and if I do.........


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