Friday, May 19, 2006


Well I just found out that one of my erotic stories is getting published in a small magazine called "Uncensored Letters" that can be found in most adult stores. I have been writing erotica for free on for about 3 years now and most people like my stories. So when the opportunity arose that I could get paid to write I submitted a few stories not really thinking they would be accepted, but one was and I'm getting paid for it. heh heh


  1. I used to write short stories years ago......just out of high school I think it was. Nothing special, just messing around. Haven't really had more than one or two good ideas since then. But I scribble out a line or two in my notebooks when I think of something half way decent.

  2. I find myself writing all the time. But I seem to write alot of different
    I was pretty happy when I had a horror story published in that book that Christopher J Hall self published, "Cold Glass Pain"
    Me, shana, Gord Rollo, R. Thomas Riley, and alot of other writers were published in it. And D.E. Christman did the art on the cover. I viewed it as something I could give out copies as fun to family and friends and they loved it.
    My mom thinks it's funny as hell that I write Erotica for two websites though. lol


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