Thursday, June 22, 2006

My daughter turns 15!!!!

Today was my daughters 15th birthday. Man I feel old now. LOL
I feel lucky just to have made it this far with a teenager. lol I swear I never acted as sarcastic, down, mad, at the world and me, and just all around pissed off as she does all the time. I remember being a 15 year old and I dont remember being in a bad mood all the time. I hope this passes soon. lol


  1. Thats cool. I can't say what I was like at 15 because I don't remember. Probably bored out of my skull or something.

  2. I remember I was in the 9th grade and having fun. I liked 9th and 10th grade and then I moved and hated the school I was in with all of those stuck up bratty kids.

  3. I made it through 9th grade, barely. That was about the time I really started to realize how much people annoyed me. I was at the high school for 2 days in 10th grade, then went to the alternative ed. I never got really too good of grades at the high school, or even the middle school, but at the alt. ed. I ended up on the honor roll 4 times, I think.

  4. cool beans. Honor roll is something to be proud of. I never did all that great in school, I was a big time loner. Really didn't like to be bothered. I spent all my free time in the library reading.


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