Friday, August 21, 2009


I've used freecycle a few times. I was a part of the freecycle group here in las vegas for a while a few years ago but one bad mod can ruin the experience for everyone.

I got one of my dwarf hamsters from freecycle a few years ago and he was the sweetest little thing. When I went to get him, the person who had him said her son didn't want the hamster any more but wanted me to keep the name he had picked for him. I said I would but I didn't. Why in the world she would even ask me when her son wasn't even there was beyond me. It was obvious to me she cared little about what happedn to the poor little guy because it was 55 degrees out side and she had his cage outside.

When she brought the cage is, there was just a water bottle, and some food and very little bedding. Poor little thing probably would have died if I hadn't gone to get him.

The condition the cage was in was the worst thing though. I don't think they had changed the bedding in this cage in at least a month. It reeked! The hamster himself was a matted mess since he was sleeping in his feces and urine. I wanted to slap this woman. I really did. But instead I brought him home, cleaned him and the cage and he lived for 4 years.

But my point is I stopped using freecycle because the moderators of the group made it impossible to get things on there.

One person would constantly post about wanting free money or food. All the time.

Another would put one post every week about wanting a bed and the moderator would jump his shit for it. It was crazy. I think this moderator had favorites that she let do whatever they wanted and others couldn';t.

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