Saturday, January 30, 2010

How do You See Yourself?

I feel like the grumpy old lady down the street and I'm only 39 years old!

I was told on numerous occasions by people in my neighborhood that when they first saw me they didn't think I was approachable because of the look I have on my face most of the time.

I was told today that I seem like a curmudgeon. A curmudgeon? Seriously?

Yes, I'm a bit grumpy, I am opinionated and I am blunt at times. But a curmudgeon?

Ah, well let me get my cane, dentures, Ben-Gay, grandma sweater, and walker and see if I can chase down these youngins and teach them a thing or two about really being a grumpy ole lady. Ha!


  1. LOL - Mary. I'm having a bad morning. We can be grumpy ladies together if you like. :)

  2. Oh I seem to always be grumpy so if you are ever grumpy you can count onme alreayd being a


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