Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The airlines and why they need to be boycotted

I was looking at some articles and found this one about how this large passenger got thrown off a southwest airline by the pilot because the pilot thought he was so big he would be a safety risk.

Frankly, I think that kind of nonsense is insulting, degrading and legally wrong. If they want to start doing idiotic stuff like this they need to have it in writing beforehand. If on the website or in writing somewhere it said that passengers weighing more than xxx amount could not fly, then I wouldn't have as much of a problem as I do right now. But they don't have that in writing.

What they have in writing is that if a passenger is too big and cannot fit in a seat and buckle a seatbelt even with an extender, they may have to buy an extra seat.

Boycott the airlines. I've been saying it for years. Stop letting them get away with the foolishness that they get away with everyday. stop letting them keep passengers on the tarmac for 12 and more hours. Yes, there's a new law going in effect that says the airlines have to let passnegers off the airlines if the plane is going to be on the tarmac for I think it was 5 hours, but I read today in Yahoo news that 2 airlines are allready trying to ask for more time than that ebcause the busy times for airlines are coming up and they say there are going to be delays and if they ahve to let everyone off after a certain amount of time the flights will et even more backed up.

Well maybe they have a scheduling problem and need to fix it.
Boycott the airlines.
I'll keep saying it until people start realizing that, that's what it's going to take before they will stop treating passengers like baggage.

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