Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Rant: Work Ethic and Keeping Customers

I remember back when I was a kid people had a good work ethic and it seems as I ahve gotten older that work ethic has gone by the way side for the most part. And along with the work ethic has gone the though of keeping your customers happy. Do you remeber that old saying that the customer is always right? Yeah, probably not because most places don't think that way anymore.

I'm upset because not only are people not trying really hard at their jobs anymore they just don't care and that rubs off on everyone else. This past week I saw my mailman pass our apartment compplex up three days in a row and not deliver any mail to the entire complex for three days in a row. Now I figured he was a new guy I would give him the benefit of the doubt and think he was just running behind and didn't want to get in trouble. I'm nice like that. But after a few days my hubby went to talk to him when once again he totally passed our complex by and delivered no mail to anyone here. We have over 80 apartments and all the mailboxes are in a central location so we can see if he comes in and some of the older people wait out in the pool area for him to come each day...so we all saw what he did.

My hubby walked down the street and asked him why he passed up our apartment complex once again...he said with a straight face that he delivered the mail and it was illegal for my hubby to come and bother him about it. So hubby told him if he didn't deliver the mail he was going to call the post off and complain..he said go right ahead that he was a state employeed worker and wouldn't be fired.

He delivered the mail the next day though.

I never thought we would ahve so much trouble with the mailman..what ever happened to relaying on the mailmen in the sleet, the snow, the rain no matter what? Yeah right.

Not only does the mailman do it, my FedEx delivery person tends not to even knock on my door when they have a package for me. They will just drop the box off at my front door as they are running by...I'm not making this stuff up. So all my purchases make sure that they need a signature and you can tell they just want to go. Maybe their bosses are giving them to much to deliver but don't drop a small envelope off from Fed_ex on my front door step and not even tell me about it. I had them do that one time and it got stolen. I had UPS deliver a Tv my sister in law bought for us to a neighbors house and then more than a week later go back to that hosue to get it, pack it back up in a box and try to deliver it to me in a smashed box. By that time my sister in law had cancelled the order so all I had to do was refuse delivery and have it sent back....he was not happy about it either.

But it's not only these places. I was listening to some teens talk about their jobs at places in the mall and at fast food places and they are actually mad they have to be nice to the customers. They were getting mad at their bosses about not being to have a break every hour and were talking about how they did things to people's food and got orders wrong on purpose just to piss their managers off.

It's all so irritating.


  1. Indeed it is. Things have changed a lot in the last 20 years.

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  2. Even at 28, I feel like my work ethic differs from that of a new grad. There doesn't seem to be any consistency.

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  3. I stumbled you. I taught high school for 10 years and there is a lot of laziness and entitlement among teenagers today, but there are some real gems too.

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  4. Thanks for stopping by...I hear ya, sister!! Man oh man. When I worked (regardless of the position or the pay, something that's lost on everyone these days), I was one of those people that did everything under the sun to please the customer or client or what-have-you. That's why a business or a store (well, it's a big part of the reason) succeeds. That's what I was trained to believe, and boy did I practice it to the fullest. You don't see that anywhere, ever. It's sad, really.

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    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Thanks for stumbling on my blog and I'm here to return the favor. I'm your newest follower and the trick in life is to always look at the positive and the positive will more often than not show up. That said that postal emplyee was ridiculous!!! Happy Wednesday

  6. Yep. Frustrating as hell. The drop your package off and run thing makes me SO irate.

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