Saturday, August 27, 2011

Confession Time...

I thought it would be fun to set up a facebook account for my husband. I was wrong...

His account has been set up for about 3 weeks and he's made maybe 3 comments so far.

He didn't like the picture I put on his profile so he took it down and now there's no picture. lol

So last night he says, "You wanna teach me how to navigate this fb thing?"

So I come over to the computer and he's all logged in and says, Ok, now what?"

So I get him over to the 'newsfeed' and this is our conversation....

Him: So now what do I do?
Me: You comment on your friends status messages.

Him: Ok, and then what?
Me: Look at their pictures, write a status of your own, click on your friends links, fill out your profile, select a profile picture for yourself.

Him: This sucks. this isn't fun. This is boring.
Me: Just read your friends status's and make some comments.

Him: Why do you write so many statuses? Your on my newsfeed more than anyone else.
Me: That's because you only have 10 friends and I write more than the rest of them do.

Him: *reading statuses* What am I supposed to say? Why is everyone 'liking' this it isn't funny.
Me: Just make a comment on some of the statuses.

Him: I made a comment. Are they online, how come they aren't liking my comment? Why are they responding?
Me: it's not like Instant messenger, you have to wait until they are online before they respond.

Him: well this sucks. this is boring. I'm logging off. *grumble grumble*
Me: Give it a chance.

Him: There's nothing to do on the computer.
Me: You're insane.

LOL So that's how it pretty much went, I will not be making him a twitter, LinkedIn, or any other account. He can go play Pogo and be quiet. lol


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    LOL too funny! Bet he'll log back in and try it again. Sway him to the games on there.
    BTW did you get your email from us with Temptation Triggers attached? Check your spam. Because of our email name - it may have gone to spam. You won TT from our interview on Amara's Place. We sent the email Aug 29. Laters :)

  2. Yes I did. Thank you so much. I'm sorry, I thought I had responded to your email and let you know I got it.


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