Saturday, November 05, 2011

My Babies

Here are some pictures of my 4 rats. All Males and they are about a year old now. Yes, they are large rats. lol All except for Brodie who is the smallest of the guys.

Here you have Hades, Brodie, Jasper and Ares in the background.

Jasper squinting and Brodie up close.

Ares is sniffing the camera. lol

Hades on his back sleeping. His little feet up in the air. Jasper and Ares are in the bed with him.

Hades sleeping on his bed/pillow.


  1. Wow those are some funny and neat pics, the one with his feet in the air made me laugh. Looks like he was having some good sleep!

  2. It looks like your "boys" live the good life! Glad to see they all get along.

  3. Thanks, they are so sweet and are completely spoiled.


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